OPI-3201 - 2D cabled CMOS imager with auto-focus

The OPI-3201 is an ultra-lightweight cabled CMOS imager that reads 1D or 2D barcodes for healthcare, retail, point-of-sale (POS), inventory or logistics applications. The OPI-3301 uses LEDs for lighting and features a red laser spot for aiming. Disinfectant-ready plastic makes this scanner ideal for Healthcare applications.

  • Full spectrum illuminated imager – high performance white LEDs create a wide range of options for scanning – including scanning of red-colored labels
  • USB; RS232; keyboard wedge communication
  • Laser aiming spot helps user to target within the field of white light
  • Easily reads 1D or 2D barcodes for healthcare, retail, POS, inventory or logistics applications
  • Compact size and ultra-lightweight – 2.2”W x 5.39”H x 4.45”D and 3.9 ounces (including battery)
  • Withstands five-foot drop onto concrete
  • Protection rating: IP42
  • Wide environmental specifications: works from -20°C /-4°F to 50°C/122°F
  • Two-year warranty protects your investment

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