2D CMOS Imager Barcode Scan Engine

Experience unparalleled scanning performance with the all-new Opticon MDI-5300 scan engine. Situated at the pinnacle of Opticon’s portfolio, this cutting-edge barcode scan engine boasts a myriad of groundbreaking features that are set to revolutionize your scanning experience. With a new imaging lens and decoder, the MDI-5300 ensures optimal illumination and a large depth of field, which expands the scanning range from near to far fields. With a 120fps, 1 mega pixel global shutter CMOS sensor, the MDI-5300 achieves blazing-fast scanning speeds and unparalleled motion tolerance. Capture data swiftly and accurately, even in high-motion environments.

Equipped with a horizontal field of view spanning 50 degrees, the MDI-5300 enhances scanning performance, especially for wide-width barcodes and close-range applications. No more limitations due to scanning angles—simply scan with ease and precision. Navigate challenging scanning environments with the high-visibility Class1 red cross laser aiming. Even under direct sunlight or when dealing with low-reflectance materials like cardboard, aiming at barcodes has never been more accurate and effortless. Due to its low profile, compact design, the MDI-5300 is ideal for integration into space constrained devices in clinical, laboratory, industrial, kiosk and mobile applications.

Product highlights include:

  • Ultra-fast (120 fps), full spectrum illuminated 2D CMOS imager sensor enabling high speed scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes and OCR fonts
  • Class 1 red cross laser aiming and warm white LED for illumination makes it easy to aim
  • Fast global shutter technology providing exceptional motion tolerance
  • Improved scanning of curved, wide, poorly printed and damaged barcodes
  • Ideal barcode scanning solution for kiosks, access control, clinical automation, industrial, self-services that need scanning, mobile applications, and much more
  • Lower power consumption and compact size 0.99”W x 0.43”H x 0.83”D
  • Communication interface: USB or RS232
  • Engineering kit available – enables faster time to market
  • Two year warranty
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