High Speed 1D CCD Scan Engines

The MDC-100 and MDC-200 barcode scan engines are designed around Opticon’s innovative CCD linear sensor technology.  With faster scanning performance (300 scans/second) then previous generations, the MDC-series scan engines rapidly and easily scan barcodes off numerous surface types—including cell phone displays.  These extremely small, affordable, yet high performance scan engines are an ideal barcode scanning solution for a variety of clinical, laboratory, industrial, kiosk and mobile applications.  Product highlights include:

  • CCD linear sensor (1,500 pixels) barcode scan engine with integrated decoder
  • Two models:  MDC-100 and the smaller form factor, MDC-200 (7.5mm vs. 11.5mm)
  • Superior scanning performance at 300 scans/second
  • Able to quickly scan 1D barcodes off cell phone displays
  • All solid-state design with no moving parts equates to better MTBF
  • No CDRH requirements and no warning labels needed
  • Small form factor at just 0.90" x 0.45" x 0.59" (WxHxD) and weight of only 0.12 ounces
  • Perfect for integration into small, space- constrained mobile, medical or retail barcode scanning devices
  • Low power consumption operating at 3.3V to fit your design needs
  • Supports USB (HID and COM) and CMOS RS232 interfaces
  • Engineering kit available – enables faster time to market
  • Two year warranty


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