Fixed Mount Scanner - 2D CMOS Imager with Auto-Focus

The F-31, a fixed mount 2D CMOS imager from Opticon, features auto-focus, liquid lens technology.  With built in auto-focus capability, the F-31 quickly and efficiently scans 1D and 2D images and the real-time adapting liquid lens self-adjusts for distance and angle. F-31 product highlights include:

  • 2D CMOS imager with auto-focus technology
  • Rapidly scans and decodes a wide variety of 1D or 2D barcodes at 80 frames per second (FPS)
  • Laser ranging method plus the high-speed CMOS image sensor enables high speed autofocusing
  • Custom configuration capabilities
  • Complete unit with integrated decoder
  • Durable—survives 2.5 foot drop to concrete
  • IP42 rating against dust and moisture
  • Communication interface: USB or RS232
  • Dimensions: 1.81" x 0.98" x 2.28" (WxLxD)
  • Backed by a two year warranty


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