The smaller of Opticon's powered ESLs is the PE-152, a 1.5 inch black and white fully graphical e-paper display with NFC and LED capabilities. Replacing the traditional paper tag, Opticon’s PE-152 allows automatic price updates reducing the amount of man hours spent updating prices to virtually zero. The powered range of ESL is offered with full edge programmable LEDs to attract the attention of both customers and workers. By using the powered rail technology, the PE-152 is able to continuously update throughout the day and use LEDs and NFC chip capabilities all without hindering battery life. Product highlights include:

  • E-Paper display technology boasts a high contrast ratio and superior viewing angle
  • 100% display content flexibility and centralized administration of all devices and content
  • Incorporates RGB LEDs and sound feedback to attract attention and to support dynamic customer interactions and pick-to-display solutions
  • Externally powered via powered rail eliminates the need for batteries while allowing unlimited display updates and programed LEDs
  • Integrated NFC reader offers a convenient, secure interface to various payment methods and loyalty cards
  • Enables on-demand, real-time pricing, promotions and product information while reducing waste and labor costs and minimizing errors
  • Display can be remotely updated via bidirectional communication using a 2.4 GHz wireless network (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Key metrics: 1.54 inch, 152 x 152 pixels (WxH), black and white resolution, 8:1 contrast ratio and 140 DPI
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