Electronic Base Station

The new Smart Base Station, EBS-50 communicates with your wireless ESLs, hosts the ESL Server Application and can even host its own database server. This one small package is the nerve center of your ESL installation. All the ESLs are managed by the ESL Server software and the ESLs communicate wirelessly through the Base Station, which is an access point providing the communication between the ESL Server software and the ESLs.

The EBS-50 is a combination of a Linux microcomputer and a Base Station. The Linux computer runs the ESL Server software and the Base Station communicates with your ESLs, making it the only hardware you need to install. If you have an EBS-50 and would like to extend your wireless range in the store there is no need for another Smart Base Station. The EBS-50 is built for that task. In addition, an EBS-50 only needs power and a network connection. If you have PoE, you only need one cable to install the EBS-50 and if there is no wired network available, wireless connection with a USB dongle is also possible. These connection options, as well as the added value of the EBS-50 hosting its own database server, makes this solution a lightweight infrastructure and thus easy to deploy.

With a completely overhauled user interface, any smart device connected on the same network as the EBS-50 (even through a VPN) can use its browser to reach the ESL Server Web Interface and manage the labels. No mouse, keyboard or monitor is required. Additional product highlights include:

  • Integrated Linux computer (no separate PC or server required)
  • Web based ESL server application (works on any device with a browser)
  • Easy installation, configuration and software updates
  • Perfect for small retail and multi-store installations
  • Upload to the cloud for remote multi-store monitoring
  • Customizable dashboard (based on roles and user privileges)
  • 2-port Ethernet switch (daisy chain EBS-40s for more radio coverage)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Basic and advanced network settings (including VPN support)
  • Dual band Wi-Fi support (by USB- dongle; configurable as Wi-Fi access point and client)
  • Integration with 3rd party software possible using a secured REST-API
  • Supports almost all major database formats (CSV, MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, ODBC, etc.)
  • Support of secure (external) database connections
  • Secure communication (SSL, HTTPs, VPN, AES)
  • Bi-directional 802.15.4 based radio communication
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