Hands-Free Scanning Solutions

Opticon introduces Wearables, our newest family of hands-free scanning solutions. Wearables are created with a lightweight and ergonomic design, coming in both cuff and glove options to suit any users comfort. This Wearable solution enables transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and retail organizations to quickly integrate hands-free barcode scanning into various applications including receiving, put-away, picking, sorting, loading, replenishment, and inventory management, parts tracking and shipping.

The Wearable glove is offered for both the left and right-hand, and consists of a super fiber glove with adjustable finger and wrist straps. The Cuff can be converted to be used on either hand, with an adjustable strap to fit each individual user. Both wearables are fit for Opticon's PX-20 Companion Scanner (2D Imager- note: the PX-20 is sold separately) as an extremely light weight imager allowing rapid scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes. The wrist mount is created to hold any smartphone device to track and record data collected from the PX-20 through a Bluetooth connection.

Due to the ergonomic design, Wearables are extremely comfortable for all day use allowing your mobile workforce to quickly and safely scan barcodes while keeping both hands free, cutting down on time and increasing productivity. Other Wearable highlights include:

  • Opticon’s family of wearable barcode scanning devices are the
    perfect solution for anyone who requires the use of both hands
    while scanning
  • Hands-free barcode scanning enables your mobile workforce to
    safely and quickly streamline high-volume warehouse tasks such
    as picking, sorting, putaway, and packing
  • Bluetooth® wireless communication provides freedom of movement
    from the host computer
  • Made of durable, yet lightweight material that is comfortable to wear
  • The wearables ergonomic, low profile design helps reduce
    employee strain and fatigue, which aids in helping to prevent
    workplace accidents
  • Affordable replacement gloves, armbands and docks keeps costs
    low, which enables each mobile worker to have their own for
    hygienic and sanitary purposes
  • Flexible configuration options—a variety of sizes, left or right
    handed, adjustable straps—can be tailored to the work environment
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