USB Companion Scanner

The OPN-2001 Companion Scanner makes barcode data collection simple. Used in standalone batch mode, the user scans a 1D barcode, and its information is automatically stored to the device. This small form factor USB Companion Scanner is perfect for data-capture applications such as healthcare and inventory control, or when data transfer over Bluetooth is not wanted. For easy data transfer, the device is equipped with a standard USB port, which is also used to charge the internal battery.  The OPN-2001 stores up to 15,000 barcodes.
OPN-2001 product highlights include:

  • One-touch barcode scanning makes data collection simple and easy.
  • Small form-factor (1.2” x 2.4” x 0.6”) device fits easily into a pocket or on a key chain
  • Conveniently holds up to 15,000 barcodes
  • Two-year warranty protects your investment

Software Downloads

USB Drivers

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