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Small inventory barcode scanner


Opticon’s wide range of companion scanners makes capturing barcode data on the go, fast and accurate. With industry leading scanning capabilities integrated into a small, portable device, Opticon’s companion barcode scanners ensure an excellent end user experience scanning virtually any barcode with a point-and-shoot technique. Opticon’s range of companion include 1D CCD and laser as well as 2D imagers. Product highlights include:

Batch Companion Scanners

Batch handheld barcode scanner


USB OPN-2004 Companion Scanner


Product highlights:

  • Compact and lightweight design for today’s mobile workforce
  • Affordable price points enable any business or single user to integrate barcode scanning into their mobile applications
  • The Bluetooth Companion Scanners: OPN-2006, OPN-3002n/i, OPN-3102i, OPN-4000n/i, OPN-4000n, PX-20, and RS-2006 can pair with any mobile host device (Android, Apple, or Windows) that supports the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID), Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Apple MFi (OPN-3002i and OPN-4000i only) profiles
  • Bluetooth companion scanners will easily scan, record, and store data to any connected iPad, iPhone, Android or tablet device
  • USB rechargeable with a high capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Extremely durable and reliable and backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty that protects your investment

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Bluetooth® Companion Scanners
Small affordable Companion Scanner


Bluetooth PX-20 Companion Scanner


Bluetooth OPN-3002i Companion Scanner


Wearable Solutions

ring barcode scanner


wearable barcode scanner


RS-3000 Bluetooth 2D Ring Scanner